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Questions and Answers

  • Why are the total PointsPlus different from what the ingredients add up to?
The PointsPlus value for the recipe is calculated using the nutrition information for the entire recipe, including fruits and vegetables. For more information you can visit this link.

  • Why don't I list the amount of salt and pepper to use in a lot of my recipes?
 I personally think a lot of recipes call for too much salt. So I leave it up to your preference how much you like to season with.

  • Do I actually use the products I mention in some of my recipes?
Yes, if I share a link to a product it's because I like it, I've used it myself, and I think other people might enjoy it. If you have a product you would like me to try or incorporate into a recipe please contact me by email.

  • Can I provide nutritional breakdown for recipes?
Going forward from December 23, 2014, you can find nutritional information at the bottom of recipes posted. For recipes posted before this date, there are many recipe builder apps out there where you can plug the ingredients in and calculate calories, etc.

  • Can I substitute ingredients?
Yes! That's the fun part of cooking, making a dish your own and experimenting with ingredients.

  • Can I repost your recipes?

Yes, but please be kind enough to cite me as a source as I do when I recreate another's recipe.

  • Are all the recipes I post originally mine?
No, some of the recipes I post are inspired by others and I cite the source even if I change some of the ingredients. All the photos I use are of the food I have prepared myself and photographed with my own camera.